Antonio Banderas

Antonio Banderas’s legendary seductive, in addition to his sense of humor, his natural charisma is his greatest weapon. The world-famous actor is an ambassador for the perfume brand and also the number one tester who is actively involved in the life of the brand.

He is famous for his Latin passion, which is echoed in every prefumes he creates.

Antonio Banderas values

The brand offers both seductive women’s and men’s fragrances that radiate elegance and confidence. Its main values ​​are diversity, quality perfumes, pair of fragrances for women and men.

Antonio Banderas fragrances are based on three main pillars. The first is the sensual Seduction parfume line, which is made up of fresh, yet easy-to-wear yet seductive fragrances, and the second is the Secret fragrance family, where you can choose from sophisticated and special perfumes that are perfect for casual and evening wear. Both collections also have a truly sensual, seductive feminine fragrance that represents the same elegance and high quality as their male pairs. The third and latest pillar within the brand is The Icon, which made for men who want a taste of success and do everything they can to achieve their goals. The perfect perfume for them, which gives them confidence. In addition to the three main pillars, there is also a classic perfume line, the oldest perfumes such as Diavolo and Mediterráneo. The scents were created with Eau de Toilette concentration.

Antonio Banderas perfumes can be found on drugstores and online.

Antoni Banderas parfumes