Bondi Sands

Bondi Sands has been brought to us straight from Australia’s most beloved beach, with the widest selection currently available in Hungary and a commitment to make quality self-tanning accessible to everyone! Bondi Sands embraces the iconic Australian summer and brings it to you – every day! Bondi Sands is truly about more than just self-tanning, it embodies a real Australian lifestyle! The products deliver even, natural-looking, coconut-scented, Australian sun-kissed skin that hydrates and nourishes at the very same time.

The brand features self-tanning products in a range of formulas: Eternal Classic self-tanning foams, which have an award-winning formula, are easy to apply and smell like heavenly coconut, to air-enriched self-tanning foams with an ultra-lightweight formula that dries in a matter of seconds and gives you a brilliant colour in as little as an hour, dry oils infused with argan oil for a lasting, golden bronze complexion without rinsing, self-tanning milks/body lotions for intensive hydration and many other fabulous formulas, so everyone can find the one that best meets their needs. Skin-friendly and vegan face products with recyclable packaging can also be found, as well as a range of self-tanning accessories. Some Bondi Sands self-tanners are developed with dual-purpose ingredients to help you enjoy a sun-kissed tan for longer. The two active ingredients combine to give you a long-lasting, deep tan.

Bondi Sands values

The heart, the soul, and the motivation, which lie behind the brand. Its slogan ‘Inspired by Australia, popular worldwide’ underpins all the brand does. Everyone deserves the luxury of salon-quality self-tanning. With Bondi Sands products, anyone can achieve an all-year chocolate tan.

What distinguishes Bondi Sands from its competitors?

The brand has designed everything from its reasonable prices to its distribution strategy to make its products found in as many bathrooms as possible.

Self-tanning shouldn’t be a complicated process. The brand keeps consumers’ concerns and desires in focus, so their formulas may be complex and the ingredients hard to pronounce, but they are simple to use. This makes glowing bronzed skin within easy reach for everyone.

Self-confidence is a must to feel really good in your skin! It is available for everyone with Bondi Sands self-tanning products, as self-confidence is a feeling and when you look good, you feel good. Even though we think our consumers always look good, a tan can be that little extra that makes them feel even better. It is essential that our customers feel self-confident, glad, and ambitious as a result of the advantages of a sunless tan. We promote a healthy lifestyle and a positive self-image since we believe that sunshine should be enjoyed, not avoided.  Everyone can enjoy the Australian summer with confidence knowing that their skin is protected from the intense sun.

With a commitment to quality and affordability, the brand has also embraced sustainability and environmental awareness, creating the Pure range, which is packaged in ethically sourced, 100% recyclable packaging to minimize the impact on our environment. The Pure family blends an iconic bronzing glow with skin hydration and regeneration. Their hyaluronic acid content is the key to skin hydration, vitamin C is crucial for skin radiance and their vitamin E content helps skin regeneration. Each ingredient has its purpose, and, for the sake of transparency, the effects of each ingredient are accurately listed. Pure products are all dermatologically tested, made from natural active ingredients, and are fragrance-, dye-, and sulphate-free, making them suitable for sensitive skin.


A trusted and loyal brand community is vital to Bondi Sands, which is why it has built a community of people who believe in their values (social and environmental) and have a devoted membership. Through its social interactions, the company has built genuine relationships, which is a result of its positive and inclusive attitude, and thus creates brand loyal consumers.

Bondi Sands history

Australian brand in Australian hands. The brand is inspired by Australia’s most iconic beach and the goal of making quality self-tanning available to everyone. Australia is a byword for infinite beach culture and a healthy sun-kissed tan.

As a 100% Australian-born brand, Bondi Sands seeks to share its inimitable lifestyle of sand, sun, and sea with everyone, offering affordable sunscreens and healthy sunless self-tanning products that bring sun-kissed tans into the home, giving our consumers self-confidence all year round.

Bondi Sands is more than just a self-tanning and sunscreen brand. We proudly promote a healthy, carefree Australian lifestyle and a healthy, positive body image.

Salon-quality products deliver an even, natural-looking golden tan that both hydrates and nurtures your skin to ensure a long-lasting tan.

The brand has recognized the unique qualities and preferences of the customers and has designed its product range accordingly, with different applicators, tints, SPF (Sun Protection Factor) protection, and accessories to suit everyone’s needs.


The beauty industry is an evolving industry, and the brand strives to be at the leading edge of this change. It is continuously seeking new approaches to improve its products, brand, and business processes. Its ultimate mission is to grow to be the most appealing and inventive lifestyle brand in the world.

Bondi Sands