Collistar is a market leader Italian brand well-known from its inimitable and revolutionary skincare products which comply with the latest trends. It is the expert of body treatments. Its skincare products are based on precious formulas and carefully selected active ingredients, proven by the latest research, to give women the perfect look. In skincare, it constantly strives for perfection where innovation and inspiration are essential. In Collistar product range, everyone can find the skincare products that best suit their needs for complete face and body care.

Collistar values

The philosophy of the innovative Italian brand is the dedication to beauty and the commitment to innovation. Products combine the spa experience with the efficient findings proven by research.

Collistar history

The history of Collistar brings us to the heart of the fashion and skincare world in Milan, Italy, all the way back to 1983. Since the very beginning, the focus had been on excellence and scientific research. But its quality skincare products soon became recognised and highly sought-after by consumers not only in Italy but also abroad. Owing to its innovative skincare products, Collistar is now a byword of Italian beauty and style in more than 40 countries around the world.

Collistar skincare products