The brand originally distributes cigars, watches, stationery, and leather goods. By today, their product range has been extended with luxury perfumes, eyewear, coffee, and cognac. It is crucial for the brand to solely use the best ingredients in their products, and to meet the highest expectations. This pursuit of perfection is the basis of the Davidoff brand philosophy. Their products reflect the positive outlook on life and generosity that characterised, Zino Davidoff, the founder of the brand.

In line the brand’s values, the search for special, natural ingredients for the perfume was also vital to create unique fragrances that would highlight the personality of the wearer. Inspired by the freshness of the oceans and nature, Davidoff embodies strength and freshness in its fragrances for both men and women.


Sophistication, freedom, power and naturality.

DAVIDOFF history

This brand was founded by the Russian-descent Davidoff born in Switzerland. He was an educated and open-minded gentleman, who was also an excellent businessman who loved to travel and discover the treasures of the world and gained inspiration from them. He was a true artist of life, being able to appreciate little pleasures of life. His first fragrance for men was released in 1984, followed by the famous Cool Water in 1989, which became one of the most successful fragrances of all time, and limited editions are released year after year.

Davidoff parfumes