‘Colour the world and make it brighter!’ The Escada brand is made for those women who naturally attract spotlight, love life, and enjoy all moments of it. Celebration of femininity is reflected in the creations of the fashion house; they love to use and combine vivid colours and patterns. Seasonal and limited edition Escada perfumes have unrivalled success every year.

ESCADA values

Positive and carelessly elegant, the symbol of glamour and femininity. It is characterised by the love for life and refined quality.

ESCADA history

The birth of the brand was a romantic love story, as it was established by the Swedish Margareta and Wolfgang Ley in 1978. On their first date, they bet on an Irish thoroughbred racehorse named Escada, who won the race and used the huge winnings to co-found the Escada brand.

In 1976, the fashion house introduced its first collection, democratising elite haute couture into a sporty, elegant style. Like many other brands, Escada is no longer a fashion house in the classic sense, but a modern, diversified business with fashion as one of its profiles. Today, Escada collection includes not only clothing but also footwear, bags, perfumes, eyewear, and jewellery.

Their first limited edition summer fragrance was launched in 1993 and, to great success, a new fragrance has been introduced every year since then. Since 2020, the much anticipated summer limited edition has been complemented by a winter limited edition fragrance.