‘Life is a wonderful sport.’

The brand wearing the name of the exceptionally talented tennis player, René Lacoste has always been the symbol of modern, elegant, and sporty lifestyle, which manufactures premium quality sports and leisurewear, footwear, cosmetics, leather products, eyewear, watches and home textiles for women, men, and children. Its perfumes are clear and elegant fragrances. Following the unbroken popularity of its Pour Femme, L’Homme and L.12.12 fragrance lines, the brand introduced a new men’s pillar in 2020, Lacoste Match Point.

LACOSTE values

Lacoste is a byword of quality, performance, playfulness, innovation, and natural elegance.

LACOSTE history

René Lacoste (1904-1996) was an exceptionally talented tennis player, who was characterised by unique mindset, passion and pioneer, innovative personality both in sports and in lifestyle.  The Crocodile legend set off on his journey in 1923 when René bet Pierre Gillou, the French Davis Cup team captain, in an alligator skin travel bag to win the match that afternoon. Although René lost the match, local journalist George Carens heard about the bet and referred to Lacoste’s style of play as an alligator in his Boston Post sports column.

The nickname remained, and René asked his designer friend Robert George to embroider a crocodile on the light-coloured jacket he wore before every game.

He combined his instinctive intuition with engineering precision to revolutionise tennis-wear of that age and create the iconic Lacoste tennis shirt.

In 1933, the small crocodile logo was added to the T-shirts he designed, and the brand was born.

His natural, sporty elegance together with his friendly, positive personality can be found in the clothes and fragrances he has created.

Lacoste parfumes