Nike reflecting strength and energy was officially established in 1929, representing a wide range of cosmetic products since then. In the last 9 decades they have developed perfume and bodycare products fit for modern needs, which have been distributed to several million consumers in more than 70 countries of 5 continents since then. This brand is continuously working on innovations to offer excellent quality while retaining identity and values.  

Their product range includes among other Eau de Toilettes, natural deo sprays and deo sprays, which are made for different personalities..


Three main Nike collections are currently present in the Hungarian market. The first fragrance line is the Nike Ultracolors, which is known by its vivid colours and characteristic scents. Ultracolors fragrances are created for self-confident and ambitious your people, who prefer products that are excellent value for money and love to enjoy the beauties of everyday life. They always seek challenges and wish to achieve more. The fragrance collections contain four Eau de Toilettes with matching natural deo sprays and deo sprays. It is clinically proven that these products provide 48-hour long protection against unpleasant smells, they do not contain alcohol, and do not leave white spot on the clothes.

The Urban Soul collection is also made up of Eau de Toilettes, natural deo sprays and deo sprays. These perfumes have been created for self-confident, young people loving cosmopolitan life. This collection also includes characteristic and unique fragrances and as usual at Nike are excellent value for money.  

The Urbanite collection introduced in 2021 is based on a similar concept as the Urban Soul. Big city, bustle, invigorating fragrances, which are perfect partners in the everyday life.

Nike perfume collections can be found in drugstores, Auchan hypermarkets, Eco Family and online.

Nike parfumes