In the world of Nina Ricci all creations have their own history, as Nina Ricci believes in magic! Each perfume and clothing collection of the free-spirited brand is born from a mixture of dreams and emotions. She has a truly unique perspective on women, seeing their uniqueness as their most seductive feature. This is the reason why she follows them step by step to provide them with sophisticated clothing collections and perfume creations. Every Nina Ricci perfume is born from the desires of women, and thus accompanies them through every age.


Core values of Nina Ricci are femininity, gentility, and uniqueness. All their creations are full of poetry, a real ode to femininity. Through both its perfume and clothing collections, the brand’s haute couture style and its products, made from selected, high-quality materials, enhance the matchless beauty of women.

NINA RICCI history

The fashion house was established by Nina Ricci (originally Maria Adélaïde Nielli) and her son, Robert in 1932, in Paris. Since then, they have been producing breath-taking clothing and inimitable perfume creations for women. The first perfume, Cœur Joie, was released in 1946, followed by the now famous L’Air du Temps in 1948, which has been a great inspiration for the designer ever since. It is not a coincidence that it had already been extremely popular at the time of its launch, contributing to Nina Ricci’s international success. Then, in 2006, she reimagined reality to create a new and amazingly glamorous modern fairy tale with the launch of Les Belles, the first member of the Les Belles fragrance family, Les Belles de Nina

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