Major attributes of Paco Rabanne are boldness and avantgarde style. They break all rules by creating special, metal clothing collections and making unique perfume creations. They always create something new by the help of their innovative style, which can evoke the strongest emotions. Surprising and provocative. All Paco Rabanne perfumes have an exceptional power to leave a deep impression on everyone.


His clothing and perfume creations have the same message that it only depends on you whether you will be remembered. All Paco Rabanne perfumes emphasise luxury, quality splendour and extravagance. Perfume compositions encased in distinctive and unique bottles are as original as their creator.


Paco Rabanne was born in 1934, in San Sebastian, Spain. He started his career in Paris in the 1950s. His attraction towards unusual, out-of-the-ordinary had developed during his studies, which he could show later in his particular and bold techniques, continuously inspiring fashion lovers. As an example, he dared to use such materials as metal or plastic when designing haute-couture collections.

Pacor Rabanne parfumes