Replay brand represents originality, bravery and innovation with its easy-to-wear, yet unique fragrances.  

The name „Replay” reflects the mission of the brand: reinterpretation of the fashion of the past with a modern approach, that is looking to the future while retaining the classic, old elements.

Replay values

The Italian brand established in 1978 puts great emphasis on credibility, quality and reusing classic elements. Replay uses the unique style of fashion collections in their perfume bottles.

Modern and youthful; all fragrances represent a different fashion line yet enhance the original and credible personality. Casual, easy-to-wear, but still not obvious.

In the case of Replay two main fragrance lines and an older, classic collection exist. One of the collections is the Signature, where typically new fragrance duos are released every year. This fragrance pillar feature Replay fashion motives following the latest trends. Elegance and diversity characterise these perfumes, which are released in Eau de Toilette concentration.

The #Tank fragrance line is a lot cooler and sportier direction. Perfume bottles have the shape of a petrol can, which reflect the love for motorbikes and the free and independent mindset. This collection includes Eau de Toilette fragrances for Women and men, too.

Replay fragrance collections can be found in drugstores and online.

Replay Fragrances