Revox b77

Revox B77 is a European brand that provides skincare products with effective ingredients in high concentration for all skin types. The Revox B77 products give consumers the opportunity to make an efficient skincare routine at an affordable price.

Revox values

Skincare Decoded.

Listening to our customers is the motivation behind every range we create. We follow the latest trends in the skincare and provide custom solutions to every skin need.

Developing the products, we have followed a simple formula (effective ingredients in the highest possible concentration) to achieve the best possible results. And we have skipped all the unnecessary ingredients.

The result is skincare that works, nurturing different skin types and needs while providing solutions that are accessible to all.

Revox history

Revox B77 is a family company with tradition in cosmetic products production. Inspired by the philosophy of providing professional results in the convenience of your home, We’ve created easy to use and affordable skincare products.

Revox Serum