REVUELE Ltd is a well-respected, globally operating producer of cosmetics and personal hygiene products. They believe beauty products should be accessible to everyone, hence they are focused on developing formulations that are proven to be effective yet affordable for the mass consumer.

Revuele values

Through the years Revuele has been continuously expanding its product portfolio. The company never stops improving and refining their formulations, so that they are able to offer their customers and partners exclusive quality at a very attractive pricing.Their commitment as a company is to ensure reliability, promptness, flexibility and high value for money products to their business partners.

Revuele history

Revuele is a European cosmetics brand that was established in 2009 and has been continously growing since then. Most of their’s products are made in France, with some being produced in Bulgaria and Poland. Revuele provides a wide range of high quality cosmetics products for facial care, skincare, anti-aging and podiatry category.

Revuele products