St. Moriz

The St. Moriz story began back in ’07 with a savvy team Of self-tan addicts. They knew exactly what They wanted — a salon- professional formula, innovative, cruelty-free ingredients and an affordable Price tag. Soon after they launched, a beauty expert shared One Of their lush products on social media. lt quickly received hits, and people all around the World grew obsessed with their glow. Their original capsule collection included two beautiful shades Of mousse, mist and lotion. Today, their ever-evolving range slots into One Of three specialist ranges: St. Moriz Original, their first formulation with a must-have Price tag. St. Moriz Professional, their salon-professional formulation with the same sun-kissed finish as St. Moriz Original, plus skin conditioners like Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. St. Moriz Advanced Pro Formula, their most innovative formulation, which delivers the same beautiful bronze as St. Moriz Professional. And includes rich moisturisers, for healthier skin and a longer-lasting glow.

They are also stocked worldwide — in over 35 countries.

St. Moriz history

2008: The unique tanning formulation was launched at an affordable price.

2009: 1 million hits on a leading blog loving St Moriz  catapulted the brand over the next 3 years

2014: Professional range launched with enhanced formulations and new products.

2015: Launched Advanced Pro Formula range. Establishing St Moriz more than just ‘the cheap one’.

2017: 1st TV Advert and Outdoor media campaign – Baywatch link-up. St Moriz best selling tan in the UK (no. 1 in volume sales)

2019: Still best selling tan. Selling 11 bottles every minute.

St. Moriz