Zippo is much more than a cigarette lighter: it is an accessory with universal and eternal appeal and the status symbol of American lifestyle. Zippo sold as a unique experience is an unmistakable tool for self-expression.

Zippo is an icon representing the American values of power, independence, and freedom.

Its iconic status is like that of the other classic brands, such as Coca Cola, Harley Davidson, Corvette and James Dean. Due to its universally recognised appeal, Zippo is a perfect tool for self-expression.

Stunning and credible; Zippo is a status symbol which turns the lighter into a unique experience.

Zippo values

These perfumes are made for young men who appreciate originality: Zippo lighter is a rea, original standard, which is a reliable partner in everyday life and in the unusual adventures; its presence is authoritative which expresses the personality and the individualism of the man.

ZIPPO fragrance is more than a perfume. This is an age, a feel for life, and the embodiment f the style itself.

Zippo perfumes have been created like the iconic lighter has: they reflect a feel for life making their wearer special and self-confident. Their characteristic fragrances always invite their wearers to a new adventure. They are modern and masculine perfumes representing the American status symbols, just with a European twist. The most popular fragrances are the Original, the Glorious and the Helios Eau de Toilettes, whose main features are masculinity and uniqueness.

Zippo perfumes can be found in Müller perfumeries and online.

Zippo parfumes