The world is full of people of different colours, who despite their differences can live and dream together. Colour does not define who we are and where we come from. Colour is an approach, a feeling, a style.

Benetton values

COLORS fragrances celebrate the diversity and the colours of the world – Benetton brand hails diversity.  

All colours have their own personality and history. They support freedom, multiculturalism, and optimism; a world in which all colours are appreciated… From black to pink.

Benetton Colors perfumes are made for those who believe in a better world.  

Its fragrances embody cheerfulness and optimism and provide energy and freshness. Fragrances for Her and Him, for those who are proud to differ. 

The other essential fragrance collection in the life of Benetton perfumes is the Sisterland, which was introduced in 2021. Sisterland is an imaginary place that Benetton has established to popularise women friendship. The collection is made up of three perfumes symbolising the three friends who are different from each other, yet they belong together, and feel good when being together. Like the three friends, the three perfumes are significantly different from each other. The speciality of the collection is that the perfume bottles form dolls embodying the three friends.

Benetton fragrances are made in Eau de Toilette concentration and can be found in drugstores and online.

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