Today, Burberry is the most iconic brand of the UK, which is able to combine traditions, eccentric diversity and youth in a unique way.

Burberry perfumes for men are extravagant, often bold fragrances, and are made for men who love cosmopolitan bustle. Burberry fragrances for women add a touch of luxury and charm, and are for the metropolitan woman who doesn’t want to blend in with the crowd.


Burberry fragrances embody outstanding quality, elegance and a cosmopolitan feeling.

BURBERRY history

Burberry is a British clothing brand existing since 1856, established by Thomas Burberry textile trader.

The brand originally became renowned for its clothes dictating sophisticated British elegance and style, such as the iconic Burberry coat. However, its design was not really about design, but about protection from the harsh, rainy British weather. That is, initially, the brand offered a range of functional garments, and explorers such as Roald Amundsen wore these pieces made by using special processes. Owing to its special water-resistant pieces, the brand quickly caught the attention of the British Army, and by the time of World War II the entire Royal Army and Air Force were dressed in Burberry.

The iconic Burberry check pattern was first used as a lining in the 1920s, and by the 1930s it was being used as a pattern on the outside of garments.

Today the Burberry brand embodies timeless elegance and sophisticated taste in the world of fashion and perfumes. The brand’s renewed identity comes from Burberry’s Creative Director Ricardo Tisci, who since 2018 has regularly reinterpreted the tradition-rich roots of the brand and has continuously been making an impact on the fashion world with his innovative collections.

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