Provocative. Modern. Sensual. Iconic.

As one of the world’s leading premium fashion brands, Calvin Klein is synonymous with modern and minimalist style. By today, Calvin Klein is not just a brand, but a lifestyle: instantly recognisable for its bold and progressive ideas and seductive, often minimalist beauty ideals. All these features are reflected in the creation of Calvin Klein perfumes. Unisex fragrances in the CK One fragrance product line, introduced in the 90s, have changed the norm for fragrance, as fragrances no longer had to be strong masculine or subtle feminine. They are light, playful and minimalist fragrances that both genders may feel free to wear. The extraordinary diversity of Calvin Klein fragrances is demonstrated by offering such sensual and erotic scents such as Euphoria and Obsession, as well as the Eternity for Her and Him fragrances, which symbolise everlasting love.


Modern and is not scared by the new norms of today. One of the most essential value of a brand is credibility. This is the combination of luxury and sloppy sex appeal.


Calvin Klein is a Bronx-born designer of Jewish-Hungarian descent who rose from poverty. He was proud of his origins and never forgot where he had come from. The craze for designer jeans was party caused by him, as he was the first to show his brand name on the back pocket of a pair of jeans. Then he continued by placing huge brand logos on men’s underwear. His first fragrance, Obsession, was launched in 1985, inspired by his obsessive working pace and, in a novel way, became the first fragrance for men to be promoted by a woman (Kate Moss). In 1994, Calvin Klein became the first brand to produce a unisex fragrance, campaigning this way against gender discrimination. In 2016, innovative and popular designer Raf Simons joined the brand, whose new collection was called a gem.

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