Wolfang Joop is a German designer born in 1944. He established his own fashion brand, the Joop! In 1981, in which he offered clothing and accessories for women, men and children and home design goods.

This brand is characterised by modern way of thinking, creativity, and passion. It is the symbol of elegance and wearability; his design is the byword for casual chic that may be worn by any age group. Joop! Is known by its seductive and unique style.

JOOP! values

A Joop! Man is innovative and free who is not afraid of breaking the rules and always looks for new challenges. Unique, seductive, creative, and bold.

JOOP! history

Joop! brand was established by the German Wolfgang Joop in 1986, who, in addition to his studies in psychology, was a passionate advocate of beauty and the arts.

In 1989, the globally successful Joop! Homme fragrance was launched, which was an incredibly bold step in perfumery at the time, as it was the first pink fragrance for men. The clean, engineered lines of the bottle and the simple, clean cap still have a very modern appeal today. Joop! Homme is the essence of masculinity. It embodies the man who is free, seductive and can break the rules. These qualities have since become the brand’s trademark and the key to its success, with thousands of the iconic fragrances now sold worldwide

Joop! parfumes