Juvena is a luxury skincare brand from Switzerland, in which science and skincare combine with medical background and measurable results. Its award-winning textures and refined packaging undeniably make its products the favourite of modern women.

Juvena values

Values of Troll brand family have not been changed for years: quality services and cooperation for our common future.

Juvena history

Barbara Sandner-Troll, daughter of Karl J. Troll shares the passion and the values of his father, therefore, it is no surprise that they are leading the Troll brands to success together: Declaré, Juvena, Marlies Möller. They are constantly striving to accomplish new goals, while maintaining their classic family values. An innovative family business in harmony with the times.

Juvena has been gaining experience on the field of Anti-Age skincare since 1954.

Juveba Skincare