Lancaster is a premium skincare brand having years of experience and offering excellent quality after sun and self-tanning products beside sun care products.  Their sun care products combine high sun protection due to their development, the special FULL Light Technology, fine textures, and exceptional fragrance, thanks to which they give the users the feeling of outstanding safety and comfort. While their after-sun products soothe, soften, and moisturise the skin, their self-tanning products give you a beautiful, tanned complexion all year round.


Lancaster believes that sun protection is an essential part of skincare, as sunlight is a source of joy and natural beauty, thus, they provide skincare products that enable everyone to safely enjoy the positive effects of sunlight 365 days a year, without its harmful effects.


The Lancaster story set off in 1946 in Monaco, where they founded their first laboratory, which became an immediate success, as one of its sponsors was the soon to be Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco herself. The brand has been offering skin protection, self-tanning, and regenerating products for over 70 years with its innovative and award-winning technology.

Lancaster Skincare