Marlies Möller is a top category haircare product specialised in both hair and scalp. Anyone can reach professional look at their homes using luxury brushes handcrafted in Italy. For perfectly groomed hair, from roots to ends.  Its 3-step programme includes the key steps of cleansing, conditioning, and styling.

Marlies Möller values

Values of Troll brand family have not been changed for years: quality services and cooperation for our common future.

Marlies Möller history

Barbara Sandner-Troll, daughter of Karl J. Troll shares the passion and the values of his father, therefore, it is no surprise that they are leading the Troll brands to success together: Declaré, Juvena, Marlies Möller. They are constantly striving to accomplish new goals, while maintaining their classic family values. An innovative family business in harmony with the times.

The history of Marlies Möller haircare brand dates back to 1988.

Marlies Möller haircare