The Palmer’s skincare brand use the natural power of coconut oil and cocoa butter to fight against dry skin, stretch marks and strias. The products are made of natural, sustainable and dermatologically tested sources, therefore they provide a high-quality skincare experience.

Palmer's values

Palmer’s engages in constant research to improve its formula and explore the finest natural ingredients out there to help with skin and hair issues.

Focused on delivering naturally inspired products that are highly effective, affordable and featuring unique scents and textures, enabling all women with different skin and hair types to enhance their natural beauty.

The brand’s overarching guiding principle is that it promises that all Palmer’s products work with your skin’s and hair’s uniqueness to enhance your natural features and that is also reflected in Palmer’s trademarked tagline – The Nature Of You.

Palmer's history

Palmer’s celebrated its 180th anniversary in 2020, the American family-owned brand has been around for nearly two centuries selling natural cocoa butter and coconut oil skincare and haircare products since the 1970s. The parent company ET Browne Drug Co was acquired in 1971 by Arnold Neis, a chemist by profession who knows all about cocoa butter, which at the time was used as a base product for many different lotions.

Since then the family business has gained international presence and Palmer’s quickly became a global brand selling in more than 100 countries worldwide, including in the UK where Palmer’s is the leading cocoa butter bodycare brand*.

Palmer's bodymilk