Physician's Formula

Physician’s Formula is a hypoallergenic makeup brand developed for especially sensitive skin. Our researchers and doctors screen thousands of natural, organic, and safe undiscovered ingredients from around the world to select those that are clean, effective, and high-performing, yet gentle to the most sensitive skin. We believe all skins deserve wellness, and we fully commit ourselves to delivering that promise.

Physician's Formula values

Our clean formulas are made with minimum number of ingredients, but tested for maximum performance so you’ll never need to sacrifice your health for beauty. We use natural, organic, eco-friendly ingredients, which are never tested on animals. Each product is inspected by an advisory board of top doctors, which was established and controlled by our “Physicians Coalition” in order that we could make sure each formulation adheres to our mission on healthy beauty.

Physician's Formula history

The brand was created in 1937 by Dr. Frank Crandall, an allergist in Los Angeles, for his wife, who had sensitive facial skin. This is the problem Dr. Frank Crandall developed a makeup brand for using natural ingredients. The brand is aimed at women whose skin is sensitive to synthetic ingredients and who mind the health of their skin, the selected ingredients of the make-up products they use, and therefore who choose healthy and hypoallergenic make-up products.

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