The core features of the world-famous Italian fashion brand founded in 1980 are that it has a strong, characteristic, and wild style, which also represent a lifestyle.

It has been created for strong and attractive personalities, who seek originality.

Police values

Fragrances of the brand together with the fashion accessories were made for cosmopolitan, trendy, and non-conform consumers. Innovation has a vital role in the life of the brand. Police consumers are open for innovation, in which the popularity of the brand lies. The perfumes are excellent value for money. The brand is made up of three main fragrance collections.

The message of the brand is perfectly reflected by the concept of the fragrances. The main fragrance collection is the To be fragrance line, which include perfumes for both women and men. The peculiarity of this collection can also be seen in the design, as the perfume bottles have the shape of a skull. Fragrances for women are in Eau de Parfume, while for men in Eau de Toilette concentration.

The second fragrance pillar is the Contemporary, which also includes perfumes for Her and Him. Their clean-lined appearance represents a more reserved style compared to the skull-shaped bottle of the To be. There fragrances are released in Eau de Toilette concentration and 100 ml size.

The third and the latest fragrance line contains Potion which was introduced in 2021. This collection also includes women and men fragrances in Eau de Parfume concentration. There perfumes function as real love potions, as they perfectly fit special occasions with their characteristic scent.

Police fragrance collections can be found in drugstores and online.

Police Fragrances